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Food Grade Kraft Paper Bags

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Food Grade Craft Paper Bags

Food Grade Kraft Paper Bags

These Food Grade Bags are made using kraft paper and are chemically less intoxicant than others. Kraft paper has high elasticity and hence can be used for packaging products that demand high tensile strength and durability.

Paper Quality

The thickness of these bags varies and is available in 70, 80 and 90 GSM.


These paper bags are available in colour variations of Natural Brown, Golden and White.

Salient Features

  • They are Biodegradable in nature and having quality of Food Grade Product.
  • Made with renewable natural resources, these bags can be Reused multiple times.
  • These bags can be Recycled completely and are environment friendly in nature.
  • These bags comes with side gussets designing and hence they can carry more weight compared to normal bags.
  • Paper thickness and size will determine the weight with holding capacity of these bags. Hence, they can be used for carrying wide range products from Stationery to Grocery.
  • These bags don’t possess any strange odour as they are Smell Resistant in nature. Hence, they are used by restaurants to pack food for takeaway.
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