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Square Bottom Shopping Bags

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Square Bottom Shopping Bags
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Square Bottom Shopping Bags

With Square Bottom Lining, these are perhaps the most convenient bags for the purpose of shopping. They can be availed in multiple colours and can be customized from brands to brands with different variations. They varies from being basic to luxurious in nature.


These bags can be custom made in any colour from colour palette.

Salient Features

  • It is used by various industries ranging from Footwear to Apparels as an Eco-Friendly approach towards environmental duties.
  • They are Biodegradable in nature.
  • Made with renewable natural resources, these bags can be Reused Multiple Times.
  • These bags can be recycled completely and are Environment Friendly in nature.
  • They come with a handling options that makes them easy to carry. From Paper Twist alternatives to Rope Handles, each has their different tensile strength.
  • They can give luxurious outlook to Brand Packaging and are often recognized as brand symbol.
  • They do add to brand’s goodwill as they are better alternative to bags that are not Recyclable in nature.
  • They have tremendous weight with holding capacity because of the high quality paper we incorporate in them while making the bags.
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