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Sevak Manufacturers

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About Sevak Manufacturers

Sevak Manufacturers is an enterprise which provides the paper packaging bags. The idea of serving the customers with paper bags came up by two brothers, Mr. Jenish Rajpopat and Mr. Rishit Rajpopat working with full of dedication under the guidance of father Mr. Atul Rajpopat and uncle’s Mr. Jayesh Rajpopat and Mr. Hiren Rajpopat. This enterprise offers a platform where clients can acquire the Printing and Customization of the paper bags under one roof. The products are categorized into several genre like Multicolor Printed Bags, Photogenic Bags, Flexo Printed Bags, Envelope Bags, Jewellery Showroom Bags, Bio Degradable Bags, Garment Bags and many more.


Vision is to spread awareness regarding Hazardous Plastics to make environment ecofriendly. Ending plastic pollution is about avoiding plastic in the first place and if unable to, Reusing or Recycling the material as opposed to tossing it into the garbage towards the landfill or onto the ground embarking it upon a journey to the sea.


Mission is our company committed to product excellence and better future towards business endeavors. Less dependent on natural resources and have ways to deal with rising costs due to climate change, business will have a greater chance of long-term success.

Our Company Values for Paper Bags

Paper Bags are Recyclable

They help in cutting down toxic wastes

Paper Bags are Reusable

They help to conserve natural resources

Easy to carry

Environment Friendly


Practical to use

Sevak Manufacturers bring packaging to life!

Found yourself in a wide range of PaperBags

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