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Pinch Bottom Grocery Bags

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Pinch Bottom Grocery Bags
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Pinch Bottom Grocery Bags

With tapered end on one side, Pinch Bottom Bags are perhaps the most convenient style of bags for carrying light weight everyday objects. From medicines to stationery products these bags could withhold and withstand weight upto 5 kgs. They are similar to the shape of an envelope and are available in multiple sizes and are used for various purposes.

Paper Quality

The thickness of these paper bags varies and is available in 70, 80 and 90 GSM.


These paper bags are available in colour variations of Natural Brown, Golden and White.

Salient Features

  • These bags come with side gussets that add Tensile Strength to its weight with holding capacity and also facilitates in increasing it’s volume.
  • They are Biodegradable in nature.
  • Made with renewable natural resources, these bags facilitate Reusability.
  • These bags can be Recycled completely and are environment friendly in nature.
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